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Hong Kong Dec 2018 (Hong Kong)


HK, The Peak Dec 2018 © KC Lee

Hong Kong, who hasn’t heard of this amazing city. Made my way from Macau to Hong Kong via the speed boat, which took just under an hour. And let me tell you first, Hong Kong is not cheap at all. Even budget hostels or hotels are aren’t cheap, or if they are, well, you get what you paid for. I checked into a hotel (according to the website it was a hotel) in Tsim Sha Tsui for 50 SGD/night. Oh boy, let me tell you, that was not a hotel at all. I had a room, literally. Total size of it was 6 sqm and you had no space at all:) It was fine for me as I planned to be most of the time outside and not in the room at all. A new experience for me:)

Managed to stay connected with a SIM card, which I purchased for 10 SGD and was valid for 7 days in Macau and Hong Kong, unlimited data usage.

Well, what is being in Hong Kong without having went up to the very famous peak. I decided to give it a try, although it wasn’t my first time. No chance to take the tram up, but the queue to just get the ticket was insane. So decided to walk all the way up and took me about 50 mins to reach the peak. If you plan that, be prepared for steep slopes and lots of steps:) Was the best decision as you could see Hong Kong along the way. The weather throughout my entire stay was great. Sunshine and hot and didn’t feel like ‘winter’ at all. If you haven’t been up there, this is something you must do.

There are various options to reach The Peak, either by taxi, tram, bus or by foot.

HK, View from the Peak Dec 2018 © KC Lee
HK, View from the Peak Dec 2018 © KC Lee
HK, View from the Peak Dec 2018 © KC Lee
HK, View from the Peak Dec 2018 © KC Lee

It goes without a say, that once you are in Hong Kong, you gotta visit the famous night markets and as well, have some of the local delights. I planned to have some food, but at the end did not manage it at all, cause there were too many things I wanted to eat:) Visited the Temple Street Night Market, Ladies Market, Sneakers Street and went for food hunting in Fuk Wa Street in Sam Shui Po. The latter one was a great experience and this district is rather old and not that glamorous but the food there, is amazing. Took the chance to explore the surrounding neighbourhoods. It amazes me how this city is very bustling in one district with lots of lights, tourists, shops etc and in other districts rather the opposite but yet, very interesting and lovely. In these older districts you usually find the good food. That’s where I had my breakfast and some of my dinners, in ‘Cha Chaan Teng’ or ‘Dai Pai Dong’. Try it and you won’t go into another restaurant in Hong Kong again.:)

Was strolling through Mongkok, Prince Edward and Tsim Sha Tsui and did most of it by walking from one district to the other. If you have time, visit the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and you can see Hong Kong Island and take your photos there. Unfortunately it was closed for constructions when I visited it. Within walking distance you can find the Avenue of Stars as well.

Some of the food I managed to try were HK style milk tea, yuenyeung, curry fishball, gai dan zai, put zai gou, herbal tea, dim sum, roasted goose and roasted pork meat with rice, chow fun, bo lo bao, stinky tofu and the list goes on and on. Didn’t manage to have some of the different desserts they have to offer. Gives me a sweet reason to come back:)

Final stop in Hong Kong was a day at Shek-O with the plan to visit Stanley, Stanley market and trek on the Dragon’s Back. It was a great day and again was lucky with the weather and it was hot, really hot. You can reach Stanley and the Dragon’s Back easily by local Mini Bus.

The trek took about 2 hours and it’s not too steep. If you intend to hike in Hong Kong, I recommend this one. It’s easily accessible. I however recommend that you have enough water and food with you as there is no place along the way where you can exit easily and stock up on food and water.

Visiting Stanley and the Stanley Market was the first time for me and I am very impressed with that place. It’s really lovely and had the chance to had brunch there on the Sunday. It was perfect. You can choose amongst many cafes and restaurants along the pedestrian walkway. The Blake Pier and Murray House is just a few minutes walk from Stanley Plaza. The Stanley Market is about 10 minutes away. So if you plan to spend one day in Shek-O, consider to trek and spend the afternoon in Stanley.

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Hong Kong has indeed a lot to offer and you can spend weeks there exploring the place. And I mean not only the city center but nature and other island. I missed it this time but I will be back and will likely not stay in HK or Kowloon itself. Transport in Hong Kong is very convenient and decently priced. You can pay all transport modes either with cash or with the Octopus card. I recommend the latter one.

Not to be missed: Dragon’s Back, Stanley, Food Hunting, The Peak, Star Ferry, Ladies Night Market, Temple Street Night Market, Mongkok,

As I did not manage to see and eat as much as I would have loved to:), I will certainly come back and I want to see Lantau Island, Cheung Chau, Lamma Island, Trail Running, more food hunting, Po Toi Island for trekking and much more.

Mode of transport: mostly by foot:) and local bus, MTR, mini bus and Star Ferry

Daily expenses: 48 SGD for food and drink (excluding entrance tickets)


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