Wanderlust - Me and my backpack

Indonesia Nov 2018 (Seminyak)

Seminyak, Sunset at Seminyak beach Nov 2018 © KC Lee

Well, there are many other and better beaches in Indonesia or in the world, however I opted for Seminyak, since it was close to Kuta where I spent a few hours. Was the closest option and made my way from Ubud with a cheap shuttle bus. The ride was an adventure itself as I was dropped in Kuta and have been asked to transfer to another shuttle which was a few hours later. Oh well, never mind and explored a bit of Kuta. Finally arrived in Seminyak and checked into a nice accommodation for just 19 SGD/night. My plan in Seminyak was just to stroll through Seminyak and be just lazy at the beach.


Did a long walk under the hot sun, and I mean hot, so you better be prepared with sunscreen and after sun lotion. Went to see Santo Mikael Church and walked through Seminyak, ending up at Seminyak Square. If you are lazy to walk, there are many options you can get around Seminyak easily, like renting a motor bike, get a Go Jek driver, taxi or shuttle buses. Food wise, Seminyak is not cheap compared to other places in Indonesia, however overall still cheap. You have several options in restaurants from Western cuisine, local Indonesian food, Thai, Japanese, Chinese etc. For me I still wanted to the local food and walked passed restaurants to look for the small road stalls. Difficult to find in Seminyak, but possible.

Spent two days on the beach and you can either laze on your beach deck, try horse riding or even surfing. Please show some tolerance, when locals are coming and asking if you wanna buy some of their products or have a foot massage. They are trying yo make a living. I know it’s annoying, especially when you are about to doze off. I tried surfing and oh boy, I will never become a great surfer. It looks much easier from afar. I think I just managed to get up and a few rides, out of I do not know how many tries.

Was most of the time napping:) and reading a book from my favourite author. I was all the while under the umbrella, but guess what? I got super tanned and now I look very dark:)

Again, the beach is ok, but there are certainly better ones in Indonesia and this one here is more for tourists and pretty much commercialised. However, the sunset I was able to witness, was spectacular. Saw two sunsets, one from the beach and one from the top of a rooftop bar, which was just nearby.

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Overall it was still a great feeling and fun. For me it was just the thing I needed to recharge a bit before going to the next destination. I have been asked if those photos, especially the ones from the rooftop bar have been filtered or photoshopped. Well, no! Come and see it for yourself. It’s amazing how the sky is changing the colours over time. I guess I was just lucky. Cheers to that.:)

Not to be missed: foot massage, sunset at the beach, Santo Mikael Church

Mode of transport: only by foot, except transport to airport (motorbike driver)

Daily expenses: 20 SGD for food and drink (excluding surfing)


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